Belgian Malinois Males

Belgian Malinois

Ironman (Lamnik Ironman)

Born: 2 September 2016
Height: 64cm
Weight: 36kg
Colour: Light brown with a black musk
Father: A German Import (Fang vom Greifenring)
Mother: Kansanshi Blaze (direct daughter of Zarka vom Greifenring. German import)

Description: Ironman is a loving and caring dog and is great with his family and the other dogs. He is the most muscular male in our kennel. This is a one in a million Malinois. He is a very levelheaded dog, and would do everything in his power to protect his family.

Trained In: personal protection, obedience and guarding

Arrow (Rudaric Arrow)

Born: 4 November 2017
Height:  (not fully grown)
Weight: (not fully grown)
Colour: Light brown with a black musk
Father: Lamnik Ironman of Rudaric Kennels
Mother: Chira of Rudaric (imp rom)

Description: Arrow is our little twin turbo, full tank of gas, don’t stop for anything, one of a kind, do what I want when I want, I’m the boss Malinois.

Training In: guarding, obedience, herding and tracking

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