Skara (Vom Haus Harrock Juno)

29 May 2015
Height: 58cm
Weight: 32kg
Colour: Light brown with black musk
Father: German import (Dior vom Hause Ritte)
Mother: Vom Hause Harrock Emy (direct daughter of Zarka vom Greifenring. German Import)

Although we bought Skara as an adult dog. She was an excellent family dog and great with other dogs. Skara was an exceptional mother to her puppies. She had a very high drive and was level headed. She will be missed!

Larka (Lamnik Larka)

28 September 2016
Height: 54cm
Weight: 27kg
Colour: Light brown with a black musk
Father: Chenweill Beaurac (direct son of Zarka vom Greifenring. German Import)
Mother: Lamnik Congo

Larka was the most muscular female in our kennel, even more muscular than our males. She was our best agility dog, with her speed combined with explosive responsiveness. She was one of our smaller dogs but had the heart of a lion. She was great with children and a superb family dog. You will be in our hearts forever!