German Shepherd Females

German Shepherds

Shasha (Shasha of Blanco)

Born: 4 November 2015
Height: 56cm
Weight: 34kg
Colour:Bi-color (mainly black with brown legs)
Father: Geman Import (Scout Aus Dem Arbeiten Zwinger)
Mother: (Amor of blanco) AKA: Alexi is a direct daughter of the South Africa legend Gambol of Vita Sinor (South Africa working dog champion in 2009.)

Description: This is our most dearest female of all. She is excellent with children. A great family dog. The most loving and caring dog in our kennel, but do not let that fool you as she can be very protective about her family. She is a brilliant mother to her own pups as well as the new arrivals to our family.

Trained In: personal protection, obedience and agility.

In Training For: tracking

Sky (Usky Hausbende)

Born: 25 December 2016
Height: 55cm
Weight: 33kg
Colour: Sable (dominantly brown, light brown and black)
Father: East German Import. A DDR male (Falko vom Haus Fasold)
Mother: (Xoom Aus Dem Arbeiten Zwinger)

Description: Sky is still a young dog and is very athletic with a high drive. She is great with children and is a wonderful family dog. She is loving and caring with her family. She is out of the DDR bloodline, which are bloodlines that go all the way back to the originally bred German Shepherds.

In Training For : obedience, agility, personal protection and guarding

Belooga Hausbende

Born: 2 June 2017
Height: – (not full grown)
Weight: – (not full grown)
Colour: Sable (dominantly brown, light brown and black)
Father: East German Import. A DDR male (Wasko vom Ludwigseck)
Mother: East German Import. A DDR bitch (Ranni vom Grafental)

Description: Belooga is a very high drive dog. Always wanting to play and work. Extremely loving and very protective of her family. Both of her parents are DDR imports, making her a full DDR female (Bred to the original German Shepherd standards).

In Training For: obedience, personal protection and tracking

Marinke (Marinke Hausbende)

Born: 01 February 2015
Height: 54 cm
Weight: 27kg
Colour: Sable (dominantly brown, light brown and black)
Father: German Import (Knurri’s Walko of hausbende)
Mother: German Import (Elaine vom haus fasold of Hausbende)

Description: We bought Marinke as a big dog. She might not be our biggest female, but she definitely one of our most loving females. She is very loyal and loving to her family.

In Training For: obedience and personal protection

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