German Shepherd Males

German Shepherds


Born: 4 November 2015
Height: 64cm
Weight: 40kg
Colour: Sable (dominantly brown, light brown and black)

Father: Scout Aus Dem Arbeiten Zwinger, German import (Father: Cid Von Der Schiffslache), (Mother: Mona Vom Goldboehl)

Mother: Amor of blanco (Father: Gambol of Vita Sinor – South African working dog champion in 2009), (Mother: Mystic of Haveloc)

Description: Sniper is an all in one German Shepherd, with a high drive, agility, obedience, stamina and has the ability to switch on and off in seconds, making him the ideal working dog.  He is a great family dog, a loyal companion and is very protective. He is excellent with children and is very affectionate and loving.

Trained In: tracking, personal protection, obedience and cattle herding


Born: 22 September 2017
Height: 64 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Colour: Black

Father: Cris Black Adder Bohemia of Shazadi, Czech import (Father: Ox Z Jirkova Dvora Vyborny), (Mother: Amerika Eden Severu Velml Dobry)

Mother: Gasira von taja (Father: Canto Aus Der Birkenschaferei), (Mother: Lana Von Ruhm)

Description: Patron is by far the naughtiest dog in the kennel. He is the kind of dog that does things his way and on his terms. Patron is not only our biggest dog but, also one of our most loving dogs in the kennel. Always wanting to play and make new friends. He is our young show STOPPER.

Training In: obedience, personal protection.


Born: 21 October 2015
Height: 67cm
Weight: 41kg
Colour: Dark Sable ( dominantly dark brown, light brown and black)

Father: Apache von der Fuchsaue, still in Germany, DDR Male (Father: Laruh Vom Grafental), (Mother: Askia Von Der Bismarcksaule)

Mother: Marina vom Grafental of hausbende, east German import, DDR Female (Father: Barras Vom Grafental), (Mother: Dori Vom Grafental)

Description: Knox is our biggest dog in the Rudaric family, although we bought him as a big dog he fitted right in with the pack. Knox is a real gentle giant, great with other dogs and people. His got very high drive, but at the same time he is very level headed.He is our sable giant show stopper.

Training in: obedience, personal protection